Can’t copy file onto an environment?

This was made for a virtual environment that had restricted functions between the End Host and the Virtual Environment.

Unable to copy/paste from the Host to the VM, It became awfully frustrating to retype anything we wanted to keep inside the environment or transfer to the environment.

So this was made.

This Powershell script takes the file intended for transfer and encodes it in Base64.

Because we are using the Sendkey function, its unable to pass special characters through which renders transferring a plaintext script pretty damn useless.

However once encoded, you can format the contents so that Sendkey only passes a character at a time into an open notepad on the remote environment.

This allows us to Encode large Scripts/Files and transfer them into the environment!

Unfortunately, the restrictions for this is it is only able to pass text via SendKey and certain VDI’s will not allow that.

However, if the VDI is accessed via a browser which was what this was designed for and you are able to pass Sendkeys through, you have your file transfer method.


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